There Is So Much Abundance
So Much Excess…
 The Wasted and Discarded Is Staggering.



There Is So Much Scarcity
So Much Need…



Wasted Abundance to Eliminate Scarcity, Starting Simply by Shopping



EMPOWERING Other’s Lives

One Intentional Make-a-Difference Step at a Time


Imagine A Resourced World

HumaniBank is a Community Taking the Simple Step to Use
MADcoin (Make-a-Difference digital currency)
to Partner with Merchants
to Transfer the Surplus Around us to Fund Compassion and Sustainability


Where Shopping

Join Us! 

Redirect the Wasted and Discarded Into Usefulness.

It starts with those willing to use their consumer loyalty to Make-a-Difference through funding sustainability. It is a viral movement to move our wasted surplus through a simple idea that we can partner to give and convert donated goods and services into cash through our purchasing. 
As Uber has converted empty back seats, and Airbnb unused rooms into cash, HumaniBank converts the donated goods and services in our community into cash.
Choosing to shop with your HumaniBank MADcoin currency converts those donations into cash for humanitarian causes.


“Banked” Good Will
Budget-Neutral Giving

Those who give abundantly inspire and amaze us. Giving the way we would like to feels out of reach for most of us.  With HumaniBank, we can start where we are, with what we have – our existing spending.
It is budget-neutral giving.  This is our distinguishing factor: make a significant difference where we are now and with the money we are currently spending.


Significance and Success

We find inspiration in successful lives. Even more inspiring is a life lived abundantly. Its measure is more than merely financial terms. HumaniBank consists of a community united together over a common interest to Make-a-Difference.
It’s typically not much of a transition for us to make a difference. It is fundamental to being human. With MADcoin, HumaniBank provides a simple tool, born of our age of technology and the spread of digital currencies, that allows us to leverage where we shop to Make-a-Difference. It may grow from there to invest some of our time and talents to expand our reach into a team or a simple referral to one more person. 



Local Merchant’s partnership with us is a significant Make-A-Difference commitment


Local Donor Merchant Partners

Our shopping choices convert merchant donations into Make-a-Difference MADcoin currency.






National Brands

Shopping online with our national affiliates builds MADcoin currency, too.
HumaniBank offers a continuously updated, state-of-the-art online shopping and travel website with featuring thousands of well-known stores and millions of products and services.  Save and get paid with every purchase with the ability to “stack” additional discounts and store coupons on top of Cash Back for even greater savings.  This is Cash Back that is otherwise NOT available in the normal course of current online purchasing.  There are no strings attached and no restrictions and other nuisances.
The Cash Back earned through this program is in addition to any cash or rewards offered by bank/airline loyalty programs to incentivize cardholders to use their credit cards.


Savigns Calculator

It’s Simple. It’s Shopping

Join Us!

Get to Know Us

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